Monthly Archives: October 2017

October 19, 2017

The Case for Unpredictive Analytics

Many of us in the United States learned the term “filter bubbles” by way of their effects on our civic lives and national politics.  When we search for news or current events information on media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, predictive algorithms are applied that assume that we will want to see the same …

October 12, 2017

If Platforms are Monopolies, Data is the New Oil

A Review of Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek A decade ago, it was not difficult to find exuberant claims for the internet as the engine of a new kind of economy. Some called it the sharing economy, others described it as grassroots or by other names. The point was that several centuries of industrial capitalism, …

October 7, 2017

Tourism Recommender Systems Could Help Travelers Venture beyond the Filter Bubble

Can the tourism industry create the perfect algorithm? One that precisely predicts where a traveler wants to go and what she wants to do when she gets there? Asked to consider this question recently on behalf of the Vixouze Discussions , an annual conference on the future of tourism, my short answer was, Yes. Predictive …