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In Print:

Le Monde:
An interview on the effects of terrorism on global tourism. Click here to read

Huffington Post:
Amy Joins Top Global Futurists to Make Predictions about the Near Future. Click here to read

Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters:
Amy offers advice on creating a foresight unit in a national security related organization. Click here to read

The Atlantic:
Why Aren’t There More Women Futurists? Click here to read

Décor Magazine:
Celebrating World Future Day in Istanbul (in Turkish). Click here to read

Engineering & Technology Magazine:
How can futurists help plan for a technology suffused future? Click here to read

Sustainability and Reporting 2025 Forum:
The Global Reporting Institute Interviews Amy on the future of corporate sustainability initiatives. Click here to read

Amy joins a discussion about the future of happiness. Click here to read

A Storied Career:
A Q&A with Amy on the meaning and applications of strategic narrative. Click here to read


CGTN Global Business, Myths and Facts about Mass Automation

CGTN Global Business: Can Uber survive Kalanick’s departure?

CGTN America: Future of Automation and Work

CGTN America: Future of Automation

Future of Geopolitics

Future of Communication

Future of Corporations

Future of News

Turkey’s NTV reports on Amy’s keynote on World Future Day


Master Card/ Gimlet Creative: Fortune Favors the Bold
Future Proof Your Career: The Skills to Pay the Bills Now and Into the Future. Click here to listen

National Small Business Association:
Amy explains why even small businesses need a strategic narrative, and offers pointers for developing one.
Click here to listen

Voice of America:
Press Conference USA Interview with Amy about global events, technology, governance and the future.


Atlantic Council:
Predicting 2035. Amy joins the Atlantic Council for a discussion about how America’s actions will—and won’t—change the global context.