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In Print:

Huffington Post:
Amy Joins Top Global Futurists to Make Predictions about the Near Future. Click here to read

Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters:
Amy offers advice on creating a foresight unit in a national security related organization. Click here to read

The Atlantic:
Why Aren’t There More Women Futurists? Click here to read

Décor Magazine:
Celebrating World Future Day in Istanbul (in Turkish). Click here to read

Engineering & Technology Magazine:
How can futurists help plan for a technology suffused future? Click here to read

Sustainability and Reporting 2025 Forum:
The Global Reporting Institute Interviews Amy on the future of corporate sustainability initiatives. Click here to read

Amy joins a discussion about the future of happiness. Click here to read

A Storied Career:
A Q&A with Amy on the meaning and applications of strategic narrative. Click here to read


Future of Geopolitics

Future of Communication

Future of Corporations

Future of News

Turkey’s NTV reports on Amy’s keynote on World Future Day


Voice of America:
Press Conference USA Interview with Amy about global events, technology, governance and the future.


Atlantic Council:
Predicting 2035. Amy joins the Atlantic Council for a discussion about how America’s actions will—and won’t—change the global context.