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The Strategic Narrative Institute, LLC


The Strategic Narrative Institute, LLC, helps organizations understand trends that affect them, take action to leverage change, and communicate their stories to stakeholders to achieve their desired future.

Our era is one of transformational change in every domain: climate change, technological advancements and alterations of the political and social landscape, globally and locally, are just a few of the macro-trends that promise to challenge incumbent organizations to think and behave differently in order to survive—and even thrive.

The foundational basis for the Strategic Narrative Institute is the recognition—ratified by neuroscientists and novelists alike—that the narratives we tell to explain what is happening drive how we behave and ultimately shape our external reality.  When we are able to tell a new story, we have taken the first step toward shaping a new reality.  Combining rigorous methodological frameworks and breakthrough creative thinking, the Strategic Narrative Institute provides workshops, keynotes, learning materials and consulting services that empower organizations to generate and enact bold, innovative stories about their journey into a thriving future.

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