Why Amy?

Amy Zalman, PH.D.


Work with a trusted partner to liberate your future
and set a course for greater success.

From earliest childhood, I have held the conviction that every person has the ability to fashion his or her own story of how they will succeed in the future. Institutions — governments, private firms, universities, non-profits – have that same ability.


Amy relates the power of strategic narratives in her own life in her TEDx talk.

Yet we are often held hostage by the stories that already define us.

Just as individuals are born into families and communities with pre-existing stories about who they are and what they can achieve, so are institutions often defined by assumptions and expectations that were generated in the past.

When conditions change radically, as they are now, those old stories can become straitjackets for incumbent institutions, yoking them to assumptions that no longer hold true.

If your conditions are changing, and you need a new story, get in touch and let’s talk about how you can take control of your own story. Liberate your story from the constraints of existing expectations, and forge a new, powerful one in a changing world.

Why Amy?

  • Global expertise: Amy has provided expertise, speaking and consulting services from Azerbaijan to Korea to Turkey, and brings a breadth of understanding to how global trends are experienced locally
  • Pioneering leadership: Amy pioneered the concept of strategic narrative as a management tool, and brings that same originality and creativity to each client
  • Cross-sector experience: Clients benefit from Amy’s experience across public, private and non-profit sectors by learning best-practices beyond their own industries.
  • Dedication to measurable success: No two organizations are alike, and success means something different to each organization. Amy is attuned to both nuance and measurability, and works with each client to generate metrics that are right for them.
Amy has been a mentor, and still is. Her ability to transform conventional thought into liberating, translucent and yet pragmatic narratives is, simply put, inspirational. Our ongoing exchange around alternative futures of governance, security issues and value systems have helped me construct meaningful policy diagnostics, develop conceptual frameworks by recognizing evidence through the lens of a neuroscientists to psychologists to sociologists. I encourage anyone seeking to transform their own thinking and planning for the future to seek out Amy’s guidance and her multidimensional perspective.

– Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder and President, AGAHI, Islamabad, Pakistan