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“We futurists like to imagine. We are always looking in the first instance to envision, to imagine, the world as it could be. This act of imagination is critical. Humans don’t get to fly across oceans, explore space and the deepest reaches of the sea, find quantum mechanics, invent the Internet, feed billions of people, raise billions of others from the direst poverty, eliminate diseases like polio and smallpox — without imagination. So, it is no luxury to dream. It is an imperative for solving problems.

But we also understand that unfettered dreaming is only one part of solving our most challenging problems. The other parts, equally crucial, are a deep understanding of the problem that enables planning, and at this point what may be most difficult of all – committed and collective will.

Why do we need to understand trends? We do not invent the world, we are born into one that we inherit. And with that, just as we inherit our families, we also become heir to patterns, trends, pathologies, systems, that we did not begin. Nevertheless, it is always our task to pick up where the past left off and create the world that will, in turn, be inherited by others — perhaps our children.

So, what are our inherited trends? What are some of the characteristics of the world in 2025?”

– From Amy’s Keynote Address to the Global Reporting Institute, Future of Sustainability Reporting Forum, 2015


  • Dramatically advance your ability to anticipate the impacts of global, macro-trends on your specific circumstances
  • Liberate your thinking about the constraints of the present and develop realistic plans for transformational change
  • Accelerate your productivity and impact by aligning your story, strategies, policies and actions
  • Experience a sense of empowerment, balance and clarity about advancing organizational goals and successfully managing through change
  • Shift from apprehension about a world in dramatic flux to mindful appreciation of the opportunities change offers

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I worked with Amy on a project looking at a very complicated marketplace in the next 8-10 years. Knowing my prior techniques would be suboptimal, I looked to find someone who not only had done work in very uncertain circumstances, but who brought a discipline to the approach. With that said, I could not have been more happy with the level of thought partnership and original ideas that Amy brought into the project. Although the client was hesitant to leave the tried and true (and generally wrong) methodology, we were able to bring the internal clients along and create something really extraordinary. The project itself was seen as an extreme success and it could not have been done without the partnership of Amy.

– Ryan Fisher, Senior Partner, Blue Print Research Group