Amy joined us as speaker for our annual Global Women’s Leadership Forum, broadcast via live webcast to our offices around the world. She discussed future trends and how our interpretive vision of the future shapes transformational change and innovation. We found Amy to be an engaging and knowledgeable presenter, who was able to break down complex issues and introduce new ways of thinking to help us understand our role in shaping the future – for ourselves, as well as for our company. Her unique ideas and viewpoints sparked thoughtful discussion, which continued long after her session had ended. – Elizabeth Nieto,SVP and Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, MetLife

I was inspired by your presentation – unlike many such presentations you were able to present informative, easy to decipher slides, all the while connecting important and related issues. I very much appreciate the effort you put in, and the talents you demonstrated. – Lt Col (Ret) Dean Black, Executive Director, Royal Canadian Air Force Association

In line with our theme ‘Notes from the Future’, we invited Amy Zalman, global security futurist as one of the several American speakers at the festival. Amy’s expertise came from a technical and educational perspective, which gave further credence to the panel discussions she participated in. Her workshop on imagining a future 20 years from now was well attended despite the newness of the idea of a ‘futurist’ in our part of the world. Her approach to presentations is structured and well-researched, and I am very glad that we had Amy over to Kuala Lumpur for the festival. She has been amazing to work with too! – Ching Yee, Executive Producer of The Cooler Lumpur Festival

I worked with Amy on a project looking at a very complicated marketplace in the next 8-10 years. Knowing my prior techniques would be suboptimal, I looked to find someone who not only had done work in very uncertain circumstances, but who brought a discipline to the approach. With that said, I could not have been more happy with the level of thought partnership and original ideas that Amy brought into the project. Although the client was hesitant to leave the tried and true (and generally wrong) methodology, we were able to bring the internal clients along and create something really extraordinary. The project itself was seen as an extreme success and it could not have been done without the partnership of Amy.- Ryan Fisher, Senior Partner, Blue Print Research Group

The Strategic Narrative Institute’s Dr. Amy Zalman will give you a fresh perspective. She supported our recent multi-month analytic effort to explore the impacts of technological advances on US defense interests. Dr. Zalman keenly identified and accounted for non-obvious — but critical — dynamics that traditional security experts often overlook. Her involvement strengthened the study team’s ability to consider the connective tissue across identity, culture, strategy, communications, and other transformative drivers of change. Dr. Zalman served in a consummate “red team” role to broaden the team’s analytic aperture, challenge conventional thinking, and ultimately enrich the study’s findings. We’ll be looking for ways to work with her again.- Brian Shea, Principal, Simon Everett

Your list of recommendations for how leaders can more productively plan for the future provided a clear and attainable path forward for everyone in the room. By breaking down your strategies for future forecasting into simple and achievable steps, you encouraged the audience to see the future as something they have the capacity to shape, influence and benefit from, instead of something they must reactively respond to. For leaders who operate in a strategic environment, this distinction is crucial. In short, I can’t imagine a better way to have ended a two-week program. Your lecture was a high point for me and the other seminar participants, and I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your unique expertise with us. I sincerely look forward to inviting you to many more seminars in the future.- Jennifer Jefferis, Associate Professor,
Near East and South Asia Center for Strategic Studies National Defense University
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I approached Dr. Amy Zalman because I am interested in Forecasting capability for our knowledge networks, forward looking and futures-oriented products and services that are discoverable and accessible in all media. She helped me by articulating the importance of futures and forecasting. Her contribution uniquely positioned us to move forward on our futures efforts validating our current methods as well as providing us guidance on how we can make improvements in our methodologies.I would recommend Dr. Zalman to people who need help with:

  1. Becoming mobilized in their networks
  2. Becoming more pro-active in crafting their narrative and playing out their image to stakeholders.
  3. Seeing small signals in the noise. Dr. Zalman has expertise in seeing shifts in power, the rise of super empowered people, and the role of transnational organizations operating in government space.

– U.S. military client

Amy is courageous, hard-working, and a skilled mediator.One of fourteen global futurists selected to contribute to this high-level experts group, Amy demonstrated the most rigorous professionalism. Her clear headedness and accurate approach added great value to our effort, while her kindness and ever-present respect for others demonstrated her truly multicultural and global outlook.- Fabienne GOUX-BAUDIMENT, CEO of proGective

I know Amy as a dedicated professional with a strong appearance able to address people from different backgrounds. Her approach is unique and very powerful. Strategic narratives are often the missing link that inspires to take the next step for a better and more successful future. Working with strategic narratives really pays off. There is no one better to take on board for this job than Amy Zalman.- Freija van Duijne, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

I am currently working as the general manager for a marketing and global business at an information security company, and contacted Dr. Zalman seeking professional insight and guidance regarding our company’s global business. Dr. Zalman is sincere and passionate in her advisory consulting, with exceptional knowledge and trend analyses regarding cyber security and machine learning technology. This was extremely helpful, and essential for me, as our company expands our business with numerous ongoing global projects overseas.Our company was in crucial need of creating a development plan and global marketing strategy based on current and future trends in ICT and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Zalman’s deep insights into future trends in advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence, played a key role in our company’s multidimensional approach to our security solution upgrade and global market penetration strategy. I am looking forward to working with her for our future projects overseas as well. I strongly recommend and encourage you to seek out Dr. Zalman for her insights and professionalism for your business.

It is a must for your business!

– Jin Yong Chung, Deputy General Manager of Marketing & Global Business at UMV Technology, Seoul, South Korea

Amy has been a mentor, and still is. Her ability to transform conventional thought into liberating, translucent and yet pragmatic narratives is, simply put, inspirational. Our ongoing exchange around alternative futures of governance, security issues and value systems have helped me construct meaningful policy diagnostics, develop conceptual frameworks by recognizing evidence through the lens of a neuroscientists to psychologists to sociologists. I encourage anyone seeking to transform their own thinking and planning for the future to seek out Amy’s guidance and her multidimensional perspective.- Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder and President, AGAHI, Islamabad, Pakistan

Dr. Zalman provided an essential futurist’s view of the global security environment and the increased importance of the strategic narrative. Her assistance in helping senior Army leaders understand the impacts and change on the battlefield in 2050 will improve the critical roles of the Army of the future.- David G. Perkins, Commanding General, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

Amy Zalman is one of the few people I have met who can not only think with foresight about the future, but can also lead others when thinking about the future. Amy excels at peer leadership of like-minded professionals, so that individually and collectively we are better reflective, critical and creative thinkers, and our conclusions more powerful in informing learning and thinking about the future.- Colonel (Retired) Jim Greer, Ph.D.

I met Dr. Amy Zalman at the World Future Society conference in 2014. She had the responsibility for changing a 50 year old NGO from a local to a global organization. We invited Amy to Turkey two times as a futurist speaker. Both times, our attendees liked her speech and vision. Amy has a strong position in futures work and the world futurist community. She is also a very good team leader.- Murat Sahin, CEO, Orijinal; Chair Turkish Futurist Society

Dr. Amy Zalman made a great contribution as a speaker in the 2015 KBS Future Forum which the Korean Broadcasting System hosted in Seoul on August 24th and 25th, 2015. In the-lively-televised-two-day forum, Dr. Zalman gave a very insightful view on the challenges facing Korea in the tremendously transforming world and offered innovative and practical solutions for Koreans to grapple with those challenges and find opportunities in the new world environment. Dr. Zalman’s speech intrigued and inspired not only the forum participants but also the TV audience and netizens.- Sophia Hong, Director, International Relations Department

Amy Zalman’s presentation to London Futurists triggered an extremely rich conversation among meeting participants. Audience members particularly appreciated Amy’s openness, approachability, and candour regarding the potential future of strategic conversations. Avoiding leading with pre-cooked solutions, it was Amy’s set of questions and gentle provocations that transformed the event into one of genuine collaborative discovery.- David Wood, Chair, London Futurists; Principal, Delta Wisdom

Congratulations, Amy, on putting together an excellent conference. The speakers that I heard were high quality and you avoided the many “empty” rooms of previous conferences.- Joel Ticknor, Chair, Chairman Emeritus, Clear Logic Financial

I am pleased to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for having heard Amy Zalman as the keynote speaker for the 2015 Future Day held in Istanbul. Amy Zalman spoke passionately and shared her insights about the future with inspiring scenarios. By her speech and presentation, she gave hope to youth and business leaders who have so many question marks in their minds about how to create a better world. I would highly recommend Amy Zalman as a futurist keynote speaker who has deep expertise in especially strategic foresight and global security.- Ufuk Tarhan, President of M-GEN Digital Marketing Agency

A fascinating talk by a fascinating scholar. Dr. Zalman captivated the audience with a wealth of ideas and information. Her talk of the future and futurism could have been dark and bleak; and yet, she presented it all in positive, hopeful light while remaining realistic. There was nothing Pollyanna about it. I’m glad I went and will definitely delve further into the sources and information she provided.- Marie

A wonderful, interesting overview of futurism (not the Marinetti kind) where it came from and where maybe it should consider heading.- Caleigh F.

Anyone who wants to understand narratives, how they are employed, and how their use affects communication should attend this seminar. The discussion format and exchange of ideas during the seminar is incredible. The on-the-fly synthesis of ideas keeps the presentation fresh and relevant …. The ability to synthesize expertise from a wide body of knowledge is the one trait that sets Amy apart…- Richard Cespiva, Professor, National Defense University

[The course] helps calibrate the perspective or lens by with we view other entities … [Amy] was very interactive and facilitated open discussion. She was very interesting and informative.- Keith Bluestein, CIO

… At the end of the first day, I said to the organizers [of a national educational research and development conference], you have to learn a new methodology, Strategic Narrative. You have created 3 stories about your potential future today. Go to the website of Amy Zalman to understand that you have to think about which story do you want. At the end of the day, the organizers asked everyone what they had learned and one said, ‘My takeaway from this is the idea of strategic narrative. We can choose our future story.’ Almost every day, I ask people to change the way they tell their story, and they always learn something new, just from changing their narrative. This is the power of what Amy does.- Guy Levi, Chief Innovation Officer, Center for Educational Technology

In response to: Who Would Benefit from Amy’s course?
Mid to Senior Level types-Those that need to understand that not everyone hears or sees in the same way and that the difference is vital.- James Emmons, Security Engineer

Overall, it was a positive experience, shaped by the quality of the speakers, especially the high-power speakers who give foresight work great credibility.- Jim Burke, Manager, Forecasting and Innovation Solutions, Engility