May 2018

CTO Roundtable: Reading Signals of Tomorrow in Tech Regulations, Today

While CTOs are necessarily concerned on the immediate impacts of the GDPR, it may also contains potential seeds of deep global changes afoot, and of the emerging contests between nation-states, corporations and citizens/ consumers for relative power over their own destinies.  With its blanket stipulation that all firms—regardless of their territorial headquarters or location—are responsible for protecting EU residents’ private data, the EU Parliament acknowledges how deeply globalization and technology have eroded the meaning of territorial boundaries accepted since the Treaty of Westphalia, and shifted sovereign power into the hands of individuals themselves.

This talk discusses the ways in which current trends in technology regulation, including the GDPR, net neutrality and emerging areas such as wearables and HIPAA, reflect the early stage of paradigmatic shifts in how our world may be organized in the centuries to come.

April 2018

U.S. Treasury Executive Institute: Critical Global Trends Shaping your Future

Leaders today repeatedly describe themselves as overwhelmed by the complex changes unfolding in technology, society, politics and natural environment. In the 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Report, 88% of the 10,000 global executives interviewed reported the need to rebuild their organizations for the digital age, but only 11% indicated they feel competent to do so.

It doesn’t have to be this way!  This interactive webinar  provided cutting edge information about globally significant developments in technology, geopolitics, social life and the environment.  Amy provided an initial introduction to how organizations can mobilize that knowledge to support proactive decision-making that shapes future conditions, and the opportunity to discuss how participants can apply trend information in their own organizational contexts.

February 2018

Australian Defence College, Centre for Defence & Strategic Studies, Futures Thinking to Mitigate Risk

The conventional model of strategic planning in the military relies on assumptions that the battlefield is delimited and relatively rule-bound. Yet in today’s more complex and interrelated world system, conceptualizing military futures as if they were deferred battlefields containing only future adversaries is too simplistic a view. This virtual course offers systematic and rigorous ways to think about a future in which there are fewer norms of behavior and in which many stakeholders and various conditions unrelated to formal war will create the need for military responses and adaptations in defense thinking.

January 2018

PCMA Business School: Using a Futurist’s Toolkit to Anticipate & Accelerate Change

Leaders today feel an urgent need to meet the demands of the digital age yet few feel fully competent to guide their teams through an uncertain future. To truly manage change, you must be clear about your organization’s objectives and be able to build a bridge from the past to the future. The toolset of the futurist can accelerate this process—by offering creative ways to reflect on future possibilities as well as rigorous frameworks to identify signals of change, analyze trends and generate options. Dr. Amy Zalman will share how to develop future-focused habits of mind and provide foresight tools to lead your organization toward its desired future state.

Learner Outcomes:

    • Incorporate strategic foresight in your leadership approach to effectively manage change
    • Expand your toolbox of specific techniques appropriate for crafting various future-focused goals
    • Utilize environmental scans to proactively identify emerging trends or disruptors

December 2017

Atlantic Council: United States Army Futures Forum

On December 6th and 7th, in Washington DC, the Atlantic Council’s Emergent Futures Lab teams up with the US Army’s Future Studies Group and Training and Doctrine Command to explore different approaches to thinking about the future, discuss likely characteristics of the future military operating environment, and analyze the implications for future Army force development.  Amy will provide expertise on a range of futures methods and competencies that can support improved thinking about the future. This event will be free and open to the public on December 6th. You can find more information about participants and registration here.

November 2017

Keynote: MetLife National Broker & Consultant Summit

“Thriving on the Cusp of Uncertainty in an Uncertain World” will explore why some leaders manage change more readily than others, and provide strategies and frameworks for leading in times of heightened unpredictability and risk.

September 2017

MetLife Global Women’s Leadership Forum: “Driving Change”

Amy will provide opening remarks on trends shaping women’s leadership, and on the competencies of the futurist. The Global Women’s Leadership Forum is an annual internal leadership conference attended by top senior women leaders, that focuses on helping MetLife’s businesses to better understand and incorporate women’s needs and values as customers.

September 2017

Closing Keynote: The Future of Tourism, Cantal, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Les Entretiens de Vixouze: Les Rencontres Mondiales sur le Tourisme du Futur (The Vixouze Interviews: Global Meetings on the Tourism of the Future) will be held in Cantal, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It promises to unusually bold discussions about how macro-trends in transportation, climate, leisure and demography may disrupt and provide new opportunities in global tourism. Learn more here.

August 2017

Notes from the Future at the Cooler Lumper Festival

Now in its fifth year, the multidisciplinary festival of ideas held in Kuala Lumpur will in 2017 have the theme “Notes from the Future.” Amy joins novelists, journalists and thinkers from around the world to forge new stories about our collective futures. You can learn more about the festival here

July 2017

The Future of Warfare, an Interview with Peter Singer

Amy joins Peter Singer, one of the world’s most highly respected thinkers on the future of warfare, to discuss how artificial intelligence, robotics, novel uses of social media and advances in cyber-based conflict could change the concept and practice of warfare. Sponsored by the New America Foundation and the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs. You can watch the video here

July 2017

The Automation Revolution on Global Business, CGTN

Are the statistics predicting up to 50% of jobs lost to automation true? Amy discusses what’s reality and what is fiction on CGTN’s daily program, Global Business. You can see the short clip here

June 2017

What is the future of Uber? Discussion on Global Business, CGTN

What is the future of Uber, now that CEO Travis Kalanick has stepped down? Amy speaks with CGTN’s Global Business anchor Rachelle Akuffo about the corporate culture conroversity that provoked Kalanick’s departure. You can find the link to Amy’s interview: here, and additional commentary on the Global Business program here.

June 2017

Institutionalizing Strategic Foresight Presentation
for U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Amy will provide a presentation on future risks in the national security environment and strategic foresight methods for anticipating them.

May 2017

Royal Institute of Strategic Studies in Rabat, Morocco, International Panel of Futurists Program

The International Panel of Futurists will convene for a second year to discuss and make recommendations to the Moroccan government on critical long-term issues in the arenas of culture, demographics, governance, technology and work.


April 2017

CGTN America features discussion of the Future of Automation

The future of automation and its impact on business and work is explored in The Heat, a daily news program of China Global Television Network. Discussants include Michael Chui of McKinsey Global Institute, founder of Beijing Maker Space, Joanna Wei and Amy. Resources from the program are here. Videos from the program can be found here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3


March 2017

Amy provides expertise at Wilton Park International Futures Series

The Wilton Park conference, “The Future of a Liberal International Order: Trends and Challenges toward 2030,” is a high level meeting to inform policy planning, discuss implications of current trends and provide context for planning and decision making. The conference is jointly sponsored by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Ministry of Defence. More information is at this link.


February 2017

Georgetown University Culture, Communications & Technology Program 20th Anniversary

Amy presents a “ted talk” on The Human Body in the Age of Technology to alumni, guests, current students and fellow faculty


February 2017

BROCADE (Building Resilient Opportunities in Culturally Aligned, Diverse Environments) workshop in Washington DC

Amy serves as an invited participant at the high level workshop to increase community resilience and reduce pressures for migration, radicalization and marginalization in the Mid-East/ North Africa (MENA) and Sub-Saharan Africa Regions. Sponsored by George Mason University.


December 2016

Amy joins the 2017 EthicMark® Awards Judges Panel.

Founded in 2004 by sustainability pioneer Hazel Henderson, EthicMark Awards seek to transform advertising by demonstrating the power of media campaigns to inspire and further both public and legitimate private interests.


November 2016

Amy serves on the jury of the annual AGAHI Awards for Pakistani journalists.

Founded by the Islamabad-based Agahi Foundation, these awards seek to celebrate credible journalism, and to encourage ethical and professional reporting practices.


August 2016

Amy addresses Chief of Staff of the Army at the Mad Scientist Initiative

The Mad Scientist Initiative, jointly sponsored by the US Army Training and Doctrine Command and the Georgetown University Center for Security Studies, was convened to discuss the Strategic Security Environment of the future.

July 2016

Royal Institute of Strategic Studies in Rabat, Morocco, convenes global foresight experts

Amy joins 13 colleagues from every subcontinent to provide recommendations on critical global trends to the Moroccan government. Watch Amy’s video statement about critical trends facing North Africa and the world.

May 2016

Amy joins faculty of Association of Strategic Planning World Strategy Week, SHIFT: Strategy in a Changing World

The presentation, Innovation through Foresight, explained how to mobilize strategic foresight and strategic narrative to develop strategies to thrive in an uncertain future.

May 2016

Amy presents the closing Keynote address to the
U.S. TRADOC Commanders’ Forum in Fort Lee, Virginia

“How to Think about the Future and the Future Landscape of War”

April 2016

Amy is appointed to the U.S. Air Force Air University Board of Visitors

Air University (AU) provides the full spectrum of Air Force education, from pre-commissioning to the highest levels of professional military education, including degree granting and professional continuing education for officers, enlisted and civilian personnel throughout their careers. The Board, under the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) of 1972 … provides the Secretary of the Air Force, through the Commander and President of Air University, independent advice and recommendations on matters pertaining to the educational, doctrinal, and research policies and activities of Air University. The Secretary of the Air Force or designated representative, on behalf of the Secretary of Defense, may act upon the Board’s advice and recommendations. View Members

March 2016

Amy joins U.S. National Academy of Public Administration 2016 Presidential Transition Strategic Foresith Panel.

Read the report of recommendations for the next president, released in September 2016 here: Bringing Strategic Foresight to bear in Policy Planning and Management


January 2016

Global Trends Newsletter, Newsletter of the Inter-American Dialogue, publishes “The Key Role of Governance in Foresight Studies”

Read the newsletter article here


January 2016

Amy is admitted to the Association of
Professional Futurists (APF) as a full member.

APF is a a global community of professional futurists committed to leadership and excellence in the futures field.