Self-guided assessments can help you diagnose precisely the challenges that face you and your organization in your efforts to develop a thriving story that will lead you into the future, and communicate this future with your stakeholders and the wider public. With this diagnosis in hand, you can begin taking concrete steps toward achieving this objective and reaching greater levels of competitiveness.

  • Strategic Narrative Assessment >
    A healthy institution balances a strong identity built over the course of its history with a flexible readiness to adjust to emerging conditions. The way that an institutions tells the story of its past and imagines the future reveals a great deal about how poised it is to manage emerging changes successfully. Take this brief assessment to better evaluate how your institution can best position itself to thrive in changing conditions.
  • Strategic Foresight Readiness Assessment >
    The future is too complex and contingent to be completely predictable. To plan for an uncertain future, smart organizations turn to Strategic Foresight and new Strategic Narratives. But is your organization ready to gain maximum return on an investment in these activities? Take this assessment to find out if your organization is ready for strategic foresight.