Global Security Insights


National Security in a Maturing Information Age

In this address to a visiting delegation of the Swedish Defence College, Amy discusses how changes in the logic of the information age affects national security.


Governance in a Post-Westphalian World

In this presentation to U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Support for the Warfighter, Amy asks how the United States is preparing for a world in which private and non-state participants, as well as states, govern public resources.


More Robust Cultural Awareness Can Advance Innovation and Adaptability in the U.S. Military

Amy testifies in U.S. Congress on the need for a cultural awareness transformation strategy in the U.S. military, to advance innovation and adaptability among U.S. forces.


The Social and Psychological Effects of Bioterrorism

In order to develop strong emergency preparedness and risk communication strategies for bioterrorism, first understand its social and psychological effects. Amy explains the theories and makes recommendations in a NATO publication.


Winning the Hearts and Minds in the Global War against Terrorists

Amy testifies in U.S. Congress on Winning Hearts and Minds in battles against terrorism.


Fighting Terrorists? Needed: More Effective Battle of Ideas

We need a more effective battle of ideas, and an understanding of how contemporary terrorists see the world, if we are to understand them. Read more in this Globalist article.


Visualizing the Tactical Ground Battlefield in the Year 2050

Visualizing the Tactical Ground Battlefield in the Year 2050. A jointly authored report of the US Army Research Laboratory.


Waging the First Postmodern War

The conventional wars of the 20th century have been ineluctably replaced with a new version of war, one with cultural elements. Read more in “Waging the First Postmodern War” in the World Policy Journal.


Post-Boston: Back to the competition of ideas

“In the wake of a terrorist attack, Amy lays out how to address the complex motivations of today’s global terrorist in the Singapore Straits Times”


The Global War on Terror: A Narrative in Need of a Rewrite

The ‘Global War on Terror’ of the early ‘oughts was presented by the US Government as a singular good versus evil narrative that made military action appear inevitable, and forestalled other options. Read more in this co-authored article in Ethics and International Affairs.


Women, citizens, Muslims

Afghan women assert their human rights in the context of Islam, not in opposition to it. In The Womens’ Review of Books.

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