Information, technology and security


Predictions of Automation-Based Employment Job Loss

Get a quick snapshot of predictions about employment and automation and links to major studies on the topic in this one page resource


The Future of Automation

Globally broadcast television program The Heat features a discussion of the future of automation and the impact on jobs and business, as well as our everyday lives


The Social Life of 3D Printing

Amy shares ideas about how 3D printing can change our relationships to objects and each other at the Korean Leadership Forum


Beware the NSA: Human Vs. Machine Intelligence

Data analytics are only as good as the decisions that leaders make about what kind of data to collect and which questions to seek to answer, as Amy outlines in The Globalist


Is the auto industry ready for the world of 2030?

Is the auto industry ready for the world in 2030? Amy joins other thought leaders to discuss in this special edition of Automotive World


Getting the Information Albatross off our Back

Despite its leadership in bringing the information revolution about, the United States is not a leader in using information intelligently on behalf of national security. In this monograph, Amy lays out how the U.S. could do better.

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