Strategic Communication


Toward a new Saudi Strategic Narrative: Stability and Reform

In this 2012 White Paper, Amy explains the implications of a disrupted Saudi state narrative, and how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can develop a transparent narrative to advance its appeal to international investors and stakeholders..


Communications Can Be Mightier than the Sword in Contemporary Conflicts

Information supremacy can trump military might, as the battles between Israel and Hizballah have demonstrated. Amy explores communications and armed warfare in Tablet magazine.


Understanding the Role of Narratives in International Conflict Can Help Win Them

Narratives are a critical element of the information side of warfare. Amy outlines the details in Information Operations Journal.


Countering Violent Extremism

Communications guidelines for countering violent extremism published by the EastWest Institute in the monograph Beyond Words: Countering Violent Extremism.


Strategic Communications in Irregular Wars

In order to effectively influence their adversaries, military communicators must understand their own worldviews and assumptions as well as those of their enemies — a lesson that is true both on and beyond the battlefield. Amy explains in this publication from the NATO Center of Excellence for Defence Against Terrorism.

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