Leadership Communications Strategy

For leaders seeking to drive transformative change, strategic communications that inspire others are critical.

Yet in an era of decentralized, democratized and transparent digital communications, this is no easy achievement.

The key to success is your ability to transmit a strategic narrative: a collectively shared understanding among your target audience group about who you are, how you arrived at the present moment and where you are headed. Such stories do more than inspire from the outside—they offer models of transformation that guide behavior and provide meaning.

Discreet coaching and accurate feedback will empower you to better understand your audience and generate a narrative that inspires action, validates change, and inspires your listeners.

Amy Zalman is one of the few people I have met who can not only think with foresight about the future, but can also lead others when thinking about the future. Amy excels at peer leadership of like-minded professionals, so that individually and collectively we are better reflective, critical and creative thinkers, and our conclusions more powerful in informing learning and thinking about the future.

– Jim Greer, Colonel (Retired) Jim Greer, Ph.D.

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What you can expect to gain:

  • Transform your understanding of how communication works, empowering you to communicate more effectively
  • Master your ability to align communications with strategic actions
  • Develop an actionable story for your organization that invites greater engagement and supports change
  • Gain confidence as you create and communicate a new story
  • Generate action strategies to reinforce your story throughout your organization