Strategic Narrative

Strategic Narrative Reboot


How can a strong strategic narrative help you
weather disruption and accelerate innovation?

The story of who you are, why you are here and where you are headed has always been the foundation of your success. Your story is your organizational DNA, driving you forward daily in the ways people talk about the organization, in deeply embedded behaviors and processes, and in how you and your stakeholders envision the future.

But what happens when the old story isn’t producing the same success it once did? When conditions change?  When disruption becomes the new normal?

When conditions change, you need a new story. We humans are hard-wired to understand the world and to develop our worldview through stories. In order to make meaningful changes and envision the future differently, we need to tell ourselves different stories.

If you are trying to introduce change, you need the strongest possible foundation—a robust strategic narrative that helps you weather changing conditions and that connects an enduring identity to a new vision of the future.

Processes and policies that reinforce your narrative and align daily behavior with larger purpose.  Communications that link your enduring identity to the entity you are becoming. An open-ended story that takes new conditions into account and promotes innovation by opening up a space for new ideas and behaviors.

Strategic Narrative Reboot

Mature organizations face specific issues to thrive in disruptive times.  Injunctions to “be agile” or “behave like a startup” are not easy to implement when other processes are already in place.  The Strategic Narrative Institute’s signature consulting process walks your organization through the steps required to initiate lasting change, keeping your organization relevant, thriving and adaptive.

We begin with a comprehensive audit of your current narrative and problem-solving capabilities, continue with an exploration of alternative futures and work toward the potential innovations and thinking required to open new pathways to a refreshed identity and new sense of purpose. In our work together, you will find opportunities to initiate structural and long-lasting change and to increase your profit and relevance.

A Strategic Narrative Reboot aligns your structure and your story, laying the ground for new behaviors and processes. Strengthen your organization by taking the very best of what you do now and weaving it into a bold new story about your future.

I know Amy as a dedicated professional with a strong appearance able to address people from different backgrounds. Her approach is unique and very powerful. Strategic narratives are often the missing link that inspires to take the next step for a better and more successful future. Working with strategic narratives really pays off. There is no one better to take on board for this job than Amy Zalman.- Freija van Duijne, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs


What you will gain:

  • Demonstrably improved clarity about the organization’s purpose and identity
  • New strategies for communicating organizational purpose and vision internally and externally
  • A dramatically better grasp of how macro-trends specifically affect your present and future
  • Concrete steps to align identity, structure, communication and action for greater effectiveness and profit

If you are ready to accelerate transformative change at your organization, or would like to learn more about what we do,

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