May 29, 2010

Narratives are made, not born

Welcome to Strategic Narrative’s inaugural blog.

The premise of this site is simple.  Narratives are made, not born.  Of course, it seems otherwise.  Storytelling comes so naturally to us, no matter our culture, and has since the beginning of time.

Yet narratives are also products of culture, a thing we make.  They are plastic and we can mold them as we like.  This is a wonderful fact, because it means that if we do not like the end of the story we see before us, we can go back and reconsider the elements we would have to change to tell a story whose end would better serve us.

So, this blog is dedicated to describing those elements and the mechanics of their effects, and how to put them to use in organizational settings.  Many of the insights about how stories work will come from their traditional domains: literature, film, anthropology, philosophy, journalism. But also from those areas where their practical effects are keenly felt: medicine, business, criminal justice, domestic and foreign policy and, not least, our own lives as children and parents, leaders and followers,  workers, lovers, and citizens.


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